How It Works

1. Get in touch with us: Let us know about your transcription requirements. It’s great if you can tell us the length of your (anticipated) transcription(s), the number of people involved, and your ideal timeline.

2. We’ll provide a quote: We’ll get back to you within 24 hours with a quote on what we anticipate the cost will be. You can learn more about our fee structure by visiting our Obtain a quote page.

3. Send us your file(s): Once you decide to use Transcription Ninjas you simply send us your audio (or video) file(s) and our Ninjas get to work to transcribe the file(s) by the agreed upon deadline date.

We will ensure we connect with you at the beginning of the project to determine your needs, particularly related to the formatting of the transcript. This includes options to have timestamps, verbatim vs. clean transcription, speaker identification, etc.

4. Review our work: When our work’s complete we send you the completed transcription(s) for your review. Upon your approval and acceptance we forward our invoice and you have 30 days to pay.

5. Relax: You’ve saved significant time and potential stress, and Transcription Ninjas is happy that we’ve helped you work towards completing your project!

6. Tell your friends and colleagues: We have a referral bonus program for all of our clients! Refer someone to us and get a discount on your future transcription needs. Learn more on Our Rates page.